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Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

Joseph and the coat of many colors is a story most, if not all, people who attended Sunday school are familiar with.  But is it true?  The purpose of this story in this series is to establish the fact that the Israelites actually lived in Egypt at one time.  In order to accomplish this, we need to know who Joseph was and how he came to Egypt in the first place.  

One of the more detailed accounts is found in the Holy Bible in Genesis beginning in chapter 36.  It documents Jacob, one of the sons of Isaac and Rebecca, and also the grandson of Abraham, as Joseph’s father and Rachel (died from childbirth complications when bearing Benjamin) as his mother.  Joseph also had eleven other brothers.

Biblical Account of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

The Coat of many Colors
Joseph and the coat of many colors
Jacob Blesses Joseph and Gives Him the Coat- Owen Jones - 1869

And Jacob dwelt in the land of Chanaan wherein his father sojourned. And these are his generations: Joseph, when he was sixteen years old, was feeding the flock with his brethren, being but a boy: and he was with the sons of Bala and of Zelpha his father’s wives: and he accused his brethren to his father of a most wicked crime.  Now Israel loved Joseph above all his sons, because he had him in his old age: and he made him a coat of divers colors. And his brethren seeing that he was loved by his father, more than all his sons, hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him.

Genesis 37: 1-4
Joseph’s Dreams
Joseph's dreams and explaining them to his brothers
Joseph Explaining His Dream to His Brothers - Antonio Tempesta - c. 1600

Now it fell out also that he told his brethren a dream, that he had dreamed: which occasioned them to hate him the more. And he said to them: Hear my dream which I dreamed. I thought we were binding sheaves in the field: and my sheaf arose as it were, and stood, and your sheaves standing about, bowed down before my sheaf. His brethren answered: Shalt thou be our king? or shall we be subject to thy dominion?

Therefore this matter of his dreams and words ministered nourishment to their envy and hatred. He dreamed also another dream, which he told his brethren, saying: I saw in a dream, as it were the sun, and the moon, and eleven stars worshipping me.

And when he had told this to his father and brethren, his father rebuked him, and said: What meaneth this dream that thou hast dreamed? shall I and thy mother, and thy brethren worship thee upon the earth? His brethren therefore envied him: but his father considered the thing with himself.

Genesis 37: 5-11
Joseph sold into Slavery
Children of Jacob Sell Their Brother - Painting
Children of Jacob Sell Their Brother - Konstantin Flavitsky - 1855
Jacob Shown Bloody Coat - Rembrandt -1860s
Jacob Shown Bloody Coat - Rembrandt -1860s
Joseph Being Sold to Potiphar
Joseph Being Sold to Potiphar - Jacopo Pontormo - c. 1515

And Ruben, returning to the pit, found not the boy: And rending his garments he went to his brethren, and said: The boy doth not appear and whither shall I go? And they took his coat, and dipped it in the blood of a kid, which they had killed: Sending some to carry it to their father, and to say: This we have found: see whether it be thy son’s coat, or not. And the father acknowledging it, said: It is my son’s coat, an evil wild beast hath eaten him, a beast hath devoured Joseph. And tearing his garments, he put on sackcloth, mourning for his son a long time. And all his children being gathered together to comfort their father in his sorrow, he would not receive comfort, but said: I will go down to my son into hell, mourning. And whilst he continued weeping, The Madianites sold Joseph in Egypt to Putiphar, an eunuch of Pharao, captain of the soldiers.

Genesis 37: 29-36
Immaculate Heart of Mary Symbol of Heart Laced with Roses Pierced With Sword

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