The Experience of a Lifetime – Virgin Mary, Alcohol, and Widow maker heart attack

About Me ...

My name is Charles Rogers. I am 60 years old and I am a computer programmer by profession. I live in the state of South Carolina in the United States of America where I was born and raised.

I live an ordinary life. I have a wife and two children who are full grown now. I am not rich or famous or popular.  I play golf as a hobby on the weekends and other than that, I am a college football fan; that is just about it.

I was born Episcopalian and have also been Methodist and Presbyterian over the years.  One thing I can say is that I have always been a believer in Jesus Christ even though one could probably not tell from my behavior.

I have always been interested in eschatology or the end times and the accompanying events. I have done my share of bad acts and in my opinion, I would rate myself as a poor example of a Christian. In fact, I was really a great beer drinker and a drunk when things began to change.

I had spiritual experiences involving the Virgin Mary beginning in 2012 and the purpose of this site is to share them with you.

I am here to tell my story.

I have been on the “ropes” of life and have recovered fully. It was not my doing and it was not luck and it was not just the way things worked out. The Virgin Mary extended her hand to me and after a long and thought filled period, I took hold of it.  She led me through some very tough times and experiences, and into the catholic church and I currently attend St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Florence SC.  All of this took about 7 years.  The Blessed Mother has been instrumental in turning my life around and just about all of my blessings have come at her hand.  

This is the story about my journey with her.  Please read it.  It has a lot to offer.

Thank You

… for taking the time to visit my page. It is an honor to have every single interested person come to this website and read this story. And if you are catholic and are out of the habit of praying the holy rosary. Please begin. Our Lady is waiting for you to do so. 

Immaculate Heart of Mary Symbol of Heart Laced with Roses Pierced With Sword
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