The Experience of a Lifetime – Virgin Mary, Alcohol, and Widow maker heart attack

Alcohol Abuse, a Widow Maker, Open-Heart Surgery and the Virgin Mary

On the Ventilator - Widow Maker Heart Attack - June 11, 2017

Widow maker heart attack June 11, 2017. That is me on the ventilator post heart attack. You never know. This occurred in a split second. There were no warnings and no pain.

Encounters with the Virgin Mary

I have been having encounters with the Virgin Mary since 2012 when after reading a book titled Our Lady of Kibeho, I started praying the Holy Rosary out of my own accord. 

A week later, an unexpected visitor came and surrounded me with a heavy, heavy smell of Roses as I was preparing for work.  Unaware at the time of who the visitor was, this was the beginning of an extraordinary journey that I aptly call “The Experience of a Lifetime”, because that is what it truly is.

Alcohol Abuse

I was a heavy beer drinker for almost 30 years, and it got to the point where I could not quit, although I always thought that I could. 

I would try and to the best of my abilities, but I could not break the habit.  I could not even make it through a single day as when I set aside a day to start to break the habit; the pressure would just keep growing and growing until I caved.  

I was trapped. 

When I look back now, I see a miserable existence, and at the time, I believed that I was living on top of the world.

Widow Maker Heart Attack

I am a survivor of a widow maker heart attack that occurred in 2017 on a golf course near my home. There was no warning and no pain; you just never know. 

The doctor on call at the time, who is currently my cardiologist, said to me later when I came to, that my Left Anterior Descending (LAD) artery was 98 percent closed off, giving me a 2 percent chance of survival, hence, the name for this website. 

Below are pictures of my LAD before and after the balloon was applied.

LDA Before Balloon Applied
LDA Before Balloon Applied
LDA After Balloon Applied
LDA After Balloon Applied
Open-heart Surgery

I had to have open-heart surgery as a result of that heart attack.  The open-heart surgery was a single bypass procedure (I know a single bypass is less than some people have, but it was enough for me).  An artery found behind the heart was used, so I was fortunate because otherwise, the surgeon would have had to use a vein (an artery can expand sideways, but a vein cannot).   

I have recovered completely.

My Greatest Blessing, the Virgin Mary

My saving grace has been the Virgin Mary, to whom this site is dedicated.  I would not be here today if it were not for her love and guidance, as you will find out if you read The Experience of a Lifetime

I was protestant up until 2019, and I actually consecrated myself to her earlier in that year, so religious denomination meant nothing to her in my opinion.   She has been there from the very beginning in 2012. 

Virgin Mary - Our Lady in a garland of Roses
Sassoferrato - Our Lady In A Garland Of Roses - 1668
Thank You

I want to thank you in advance for coming to this site and reading about my experiences. They are all authentic and even though some of this may sound far-fetched, it isn’t; it is all the truth.  Some of the things that happened to me, I still cannot believe myself, and at the time, I thought I was going insane. 

It is very important to me that you read these encounters I have had because I want you to know what it is like to have a walk like this with the Holy Mother.  I hope that everyone who comes here will leave knowing more about Jesus’ mother than they have ever realized was true. 

For those of you who know her, this could be a real treat for you; for those who don’t, this could be the start of something great as it has been for me. 

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